Moss Art: 'Suck It' Lollipop

Remnants of Nature

Sometimes you just want to say 'Suck It'.  Why not use a preserved moss art lollipop to do that for you?  It's witty, funny, sassy and since it's made of preserved moss, there's no fuss or maintenance required.  Pyrography was use to outline the image so the picture's wood burned impression will last and never fade.  

This piece is handmade by the artist starting from the design, to woodburning the image and adding the moss.  Therefore, this product is a limited edition rather than mass produced.  Custom order your lollipop today and it will make you realize life doesn't suck at all since you own this wonderful and unique piece of moss art.  

A picture is worth a thousand words but sometimes you just need two, like "Suck It".

Dimensions including the frame:

Length= 12 inches

Width= 12 inches

Height= 1.75 inches

Dimensions of picture only is: Length=10.75 inches; Width= 10.75


Tips for care:

  • Please handle with care.  
  • This piece of moss art is not covered with glass, so bits of the moss may come off if constantly handled/touched, picture is shaken or placed near a fan, open vent or windy area. 
  • It may be preserved moss, but it is not indestructible.  
  • Keep away from sunlight to prevent fading. 
  • Keep indoors to prevent damage from rain or sun exposure.

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