Moss Art: 'Don't Leave'

Remnants of Nature

Moss art meets mixed media in this piece called 'Leaving a Mark'.  This hexagon shaped wood frame is stained with a non-toxic walnut color to give a deep, rich color.  The inside of the piece consists of recycled fibrous paper with embossed leaves.  Watercolor black paint was hand painted to the leaves to add more dimension to the piece along with preserved moss throughout edges of the leaves.

Leave a stylish mark in your home or as a gift with this unique piece of moss art.


Length= 11 inches

Width= 10 inches

Height= 2 inches

Tips for your moss art: 

  • Please handle with care.  
  • This piece of art is not covered with glass so bits of the moss may come off if constantly handled, picture is shaken or placed near a fan/open vent or windy area.
  • It may be preserved moss, but it is not indestructible.  


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