Handmade Decorative Wooden Box: 'Zig Zag'

Remnants of Nature

Think outside the box and check out this different and innovative handmade wooden box decorated with tree bark.  You read correctly, tree bark.

This circular box is wood stained in a mahogany color using a non-toxic stain.  The mahogany interior color completes the bohemian and rustic look of this box while being chic and innovative.  An embedded magnetic disc serves as a slight reinforcement for when the box is closed.

Have you ever seen a box made of tree bark look like a piece of art?  Why not show others how unique and chic you are by owning this box or buying it as a gift for someone else.  Think of it as investing in functional art.

Use this box to store jewelry, keys, notes, rings, cufflinks, charging cords, etc.


Length= 4.5 inches

Width= 4.5 inches

Height= 3 inches