Handmade Decorative Wooden Box: 'The Pyramid Scheme'

Remnants of Nature

Handcrafted and built to last. This wonderful and unique wooden box is decorated with an element of nature, bark. Created to have you see nature with a different perspective, The Pyramid Scheme Box is great for thinking outside of the box.  

The inside of the box is stained using a non-toxic wood mahogany stain layered to give a unique look and texture to it. The box stays closed with a magnetic tab on the inside lid of the box.

Useful for storing keys, jewelry, cufflinks, concert tickets, etc. Since this box is made of natural resources, please DO NOT get the box wet and please only store it indoors. Protect it from the outside elements so you can enjoy this creation for a long time.

Dimensions: Length=4.25"; Width=4.25"; Height=2.5"

This is one idea you're going to want to buy into- The Pyramid Scheme Box. Enjoy!