Decorative Wooden Box: 'Saba'

Remnants of Nature

Look closely at the top of this round decorated wooden box and you will see unrefined striated fibers all throughout this recycled banana leaf.  That's right, this box top is actually recycled banana leaf.  

Tropical, yet rustic and bohemian vibes in this unique box.  The box is stained with a non-toxic mahogany paint to finish its earthy look. A small magnetic disc slightly reinforces the box when closed.

Use this box at home, at work, in your office or give as a gift.  


Length=4.25 inches

Width= 4.25 inches

Height= 3 inches (total when lid is closed)

  • Height of bottom of box (when lid is opened): 2.25 inches
  • Height of lid of box= 0.75 inches

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