Decorative Wooden Bark Box: 'You're So Transparent'

Remnants of Nature

Welcome Mother Nature into your home with this wooden box covered with bark which has been flattened for a smooth finish.  It's rustic yet chic and unique.  Perfect for the nature lover in you or to buy as a gift to someone else.  With a hint of transparency to give it a little edgy look.  This is definitely not your run of the mill wooden box.  The interior is painted with an eco-friendly and non-toxic walnut stain to give a rich and deep finish to complete this box's earthy/bohemian look.

This box is great for storing keys, sunglasses, your phone, jewelry, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  What will you store in this box?  Or will you add it to your mantle or put it on our coffee table as a centerpiece?  Either way, you can't go wrong with this being a little 'transparent' with this decorated wooden box with a bark covered top.

When opened, the top of the box  has a slight angle, similar to a recipe box.  Gold metal hinges attached to the back of the box, connects the lid and bottom of the box. 


Length= 6.5 inches

Width= 4 inches

Height= 4.5 inches (total when closed);

  • Maximum inside height of bottom of box when opened (back)= 3.5 inches
  • Maximum inside height of the bottom of box when opened (front)= 3 inches

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