Do you accept custom orders/commissions?

YES.  Custom orders/commissions have ranged from wood burned coasters, decorative boxes to moss art.  If you see an item listed, but want to customize it, feel free to send an email to: with your request.  
If your custom order requires any type of script/writing, please check and confirm the spelling when receiving the invoice.  Once the invoice has been confirmed, you cannot make any spelling changes to the order.  
Custom orders/commissions are non-returnable.  

How long does it take to complete a custom order?

Custom orders are processed on a first come, first serve basis.   Depending on the item (eg., wood burned coasters, greeting cards, etc.) and the type of work requested, you will receive an estimated time of completion for your order if a deadline is not specified.  

Rush orders will be charged additional fees for time, labor and shipping.

Do I need to water the moss or take care of it?

NO.  When it comes to moss art or the greeting cards, it does not require water or maintainence.  All moss used is preserved moss and will NOT grow. You get to just enjoy the piece as is, with no fuss.

It is best NOT to keep the moss art piece near sunlight or near a fan/ventilated area to prevent fading.  Also, do not touch the moss.  Even though it is preserved moss, it is still fragile and should be HANDLED WITH CARE.

What if I saw a piece of moss art that I like (either on the website or Instagram), but it has been sold or is no longer listed on the website?  

Send an email to: with the details and/or name of the moss art you are interested in and I can provide you with further details.  I DO NOT mass produce my moss art. But I can make a replicated version of it upon request. 


Any additional questions, please email:



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