Remnants of Nature is a company based in San Diego, CA.   The first decorative wooden box (made of tree bark) was created in 2003. However, it was not until January 2016, the founder decided to reignite her creative side and began to make decorative wooden boxes again while deciding to market her love for art and nature.   With that said, Remnants of Nature launched its online store the first day of summer in June 2016.

The company focuses on incorporating elements of nature in all their products to make it more than just home decor, but also functional art.   Materials such as moss and tree bark are utilized with wood burning techniques to make all the handcrafted pieces even more innovative and special. Consider it, 'Creative Collaborations with Mother Nature'.   Remnants of Nature is a company very mindful of its materials and resources, making sure it uses eco-friendly materials in its products such as non-toxic, water based paints and wood stains.

Since the company is based in America's Finest City, it embraces all Mother Nature has to offer and wants its customers to see nature in new, innovative and fun ways focusing on bringing art to life using nature.

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