Maria Arañes, founder of Remnants of Nature creates handcrafted nature inspired art from San Diego.  As a self-taught artist, wood burner and photographer, she is always thinking of new and innovative ways to bring art to life using nature.  She uses wood burning (pyrography) techniques to create the images on a wooden canvas and then incorporates moss to give it more life and dimension. Her purpose as an artist is to show people how nature can be beautifully transformed into ways they would not have imagined, such as using moss in art.  

While growing up on the east coast, Maria was able to experience the seasons change and how nature would transform throughout the year. However, living in San Diego gives her the luxury of being outside practically all year long, so she is constantly inspired with new ideas. Also, she loves being outdoors, whether cycling, running/hiking with her dog, going to concerts or traveling the world.  She is fueled by In n' Out Burger and gummy bears.

Some of the artist's busy schedule has included hosting pop-up shows at West Elm and Pottery Barn. While some of her products have been in stores such as Stroll.  Maria has been featured/interviewed by The Pulse SD, SD Voyager Magazine and Academy of Handmade Artists and Supporters. Her artwork has been on exhibit at The Studio Door, The Southwestern Artists Association, Simply Local and The San Diego County Fair.  Since her 2016 debut, Maria's artistic accomplishments includes being one of the top finalists for The Business of Art Scholarship, a top five finalist in the LaVictoria 100th Anniversary art competition and her art has recently been featured in San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine.  Keep your eyes out for this moss art maven because she is making a name for herself throughout the art world.